Knowledgeable Rail Industry Experience

Coming from the rail industry, our team knows exactly what this industry needs.

Tractive Power Corp’s TP56/TP70

Tractive Power Corporation's TP-56/TP-70's are currently manufactured by Curry Rail Services of Hollidaysburg, PA. They have expensive manufacturing facilities as well as over 30 miles of track available for testing our industrial locomotive.

Our first TP56 Industrial locomotive

The first TP56 shown here was built at our Squamish, BC faciliities back in 2011. It currently is in use by a grain handler.

TP70 Variant

The TP70 has the same dimensions as the TP56 but is heavier thus being able to provide 70,000 lbs. of tractive effort.

Our Industrial Locomotive in Action…

A TP56 is Pulling 14 loaded cars up a 3% incline in 3rd notch! Contact us for more information about its capabilities and what it can do for your business.

Our new 2020 TP90 for AIM

Completed just before the pandemic, the new TP90 was built tailored the client's specific needs.

  • Economics

    Affordable, lower maintenance costs, fuel efficient yet very robust and powerful. “IT IS SIMPLE … AND IT WORKS”.

  • Environment

    The TP56 offers better overall fuel efficiency & lower emissions than competing products.

  • Proven Technology

    Built to last with lower overall maintenance. The TP56 provides plenty of tractive effort.

  • Industry Leaders

    Being part of the rail industry, we know the switching needs of the terminal operators.

Welcome to Tractive Power Corporation  

Tractive Power Corporation was founded in 2010 to provide innovative and practical solutions to the industrial rail industry. At Tractive Power, we have assembled a talented and committed team with significant rail industry expertise at both our Head Office in North Vancouver, BC and our manufacturing partner, Curry Rail Services in Hollidaysburg, PA, USA. Curry Rail is an AAR M-1003 and ISO-9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility that has strong working relationships with Class #1 railroads and many other short line rail industry partners.        

About Us

Tractive Power Corporation is an employee owned company dedicated to providing better solutions for industrial rail customers. Currently, our locomotives are produced by our manufacturing partner, Motive Power Resources Inc. of Minooka, Illinois, and our fabricating partner, Curry Rail Services of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Our Technology

Tractive Power Corporation is a manufacturing, design and engineering company for industrial rail products and technology solutions. Our initial product offering is the model TP56; an industrial switcher that offers better fuel savings, low maintenance, greater tractive effort with sufficient horsepower.


Tractive Power Corporation was founded by a renowned rail industry innovator, Frank Donnelly. Through Frank and his team, the company’s mission is to provide innovative and practical solutions for the rail business.

"It is Simple...and It Works!"

Our History

Tractive Power Corporation was founded in 2010. With extensive knowledge and background in rail industry and technology, the company has much to offer the rail industry in terms of innovative and practical solutions.

Contract Manufactured by Curry Rail Services, PA USA