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MH Equipment Partnership with Tractive Power Corp.

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MH Equipment Partners with Tractive Power Corp.

Des Moines, IA – September 7, 2017: Fred Metzger, President of MH Equipment, has announced that MH Equipment will be partnering with Tractive Power Corporation to bring innovative and practical solutions to the industrial rail industry.

Tractive Power Corporation, based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of industrial engineered rail switchers. The company is operated by experienced and well-known industry leaders from within the rail industry. Tractive Power Corporation is a privately owned company dedicated to finding better product and technology solutions for the rail industry.

“Tractive Power Corporation is very pleased to have partnered with MH Equipment. Based on MH Equipment’s long-standing track record as a marketing and sales leader in the US rail car mover business and our ability to establish a partnership shows the viability that MH Equipment see’s in our product line. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with MH Equipment as we continue to grow our business in the United States.” States Tim Sanderson, Chief Operating Officer of Tractive Power

“Before the addition of Tractive Power, we were limited in the number of rail cars we could pull due to size limitations. As a result, we knew our customers’ needs weren’t being totally met and we needed to provide them with a solution that not only increased their productivity but also showed the value MH brings to the railcar industry. By partnering with Tractive Power we are now able to provide our customers with the most efficient and economical railcar mover in the industry today.” Said Charles Blankenship, Rail King Program Manager

Started in Peoria, Illinois in 1952 as one of the smallest Hyster forklift dealerships in the United States, MH Equipment has grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing material handling services providers in the US. In 1994, the company was purchased by current CEO John Wieland. Since then, we have grown from a relatively small company of 50 employees into an organization comprised of multiple dealerships, over 700 employees and 28 servicing locations throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

For questions, please contact Charles Blankenship at:  513-383- 7784