Our Team

Our Team

The Tractive Power Corporation team is comprised of veteran rail industry personnel.  Our knowledge of the industry is our strength in creating products that industry would want to purchase.

Frank Donnelly:  Founder , VP Mechanical & Chief Technology Officier

Tractive Power Corporation was founded by Frank Donnelly in 2010 to provide innovative and practical solutions to the rail industry. Frank is a well known innovator in the rail industry with over 30 patents in his name. His achievements include re-powering a large part of BC Rail’s mainline fleet and founding RailPower Technologies Corp. where he designed and built the industry’s first hybrid locomotive. At Tractive Power, he has assembled a talented and committed team with significant industry expertise at both its manufacturing plant in Squamish BC, and its Head Office in North Vancouver BC.

Frank has 40 years in engine design and development. As the founder and CTO of Railpower Technologies Corporation, Frank was responsible for the initial design, development and commercialization of its technology which contributed to its early growth as an alternative to traditional diesel power in rail applications. Frank has extensive patents in transportation, power, hybrid and fuel technology. A longstanding ambition has been to develop and commercialize a natural gas engine suitable for the locomotive market. He is currently a Director of ICRTec.

Peter Ballachey: Director & Chief Financial Officer

Peter has over 30 years of experience at senior levels in the rail industry and he has served on numerous boards. He started his career in public accounting with Clarkson Gordon (a precursor to E&Y) where he spent 8 years. In 1989 he joined Canadian Pacific Railways where he held a number of increasingly senior roles. When he resigned in 2002, Peter was the Director of Internal Audit for CPR, and amongst his many initiatives was the establishment of an enterprise wide risk management system. Peter joined BC Rail, a Crown Corporation with revenues of $400 million, that competed with the private sector, in 2002. As CFO and VP Finance, Peter led a staff of 55, and he had final responsibility for all treasury, finance, tax, risk management, and real estate activities of BC Rail. Under his watch debt was reduced by 25% and he was intimately involved in BC Rail’s privatization in 2003. Peter then joined Railpower Technologies where he served as the CFO until 2006. From 2006 onwards he has served as a consultant, director, and CFO for many enterprises including the $2 Billion Fraser Health Authority, OSUM Oil Sands Corp., Empower Technologies Corporation, Underground Energy Inc., and ICRTec. Peter is passionate about the rail industry, and amongst his many activities, he is a director and principal of CRC Rail Management Services, a provider of locomotive engineers to the railroad industry in Canada.

Tim Sanderson: President & CEO

Tim has over 30 years of experience in the rail supply industry. In 1997 he was one of three founders of Global Railway Industries, which ultimately grew to a market capitalization of $90 million. Tim was a Director of Global until 2009 and he also held a number of operational positions during his tenure. He was instrumental in the acquisitions of Rafna Industries, G&B Specialties, Bach Simpson and Prime Railway Services, and in 2003 Tim became President of Rafna Industries. On his watch, sales increased, operational efficiency improved, numerous safety initiatives were implemented, and labour relations improved, culminating in a successful labour agreement with the CAW. In 2005 he oversaw the merger of Rafna Industries with G&B Specialties and in 2010 Rafna, G&B Specialties and Bach Simpson were successfully sold to Wabtec. In 2011 Tim joined Raildecks Intermodal as VP of Operations and he was soon named the C.O.O. Tim successfully setup Raildeck’s manufacturing facility in Reading PA and oversaw the design of the model 7.1, Raildeck’s standard offering. Tim resigned from Raildecks in December of 2013 to join TractivePower – he remains a shareholder in the company.

Allan David Frame: Independent Director

Al has been involved in the Financial Service & Securities as a financial adviser for past 48 years. Has chaired several boards on the Alberta Securities Exchange in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Former director of Consolidated Ramrod and Ascot Resources, both publicly listed companies. Current director at Prismo Metals and DLP Resources both public companies. Currently President of Tallwinds Exploration a privately held mining exploration company. Al studied Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.


Al Broadfoot:   Senior Mechanical Consultant

Ken Mah:   Communications

Ken is our Communications Coordinator. He brings his creative experience from the likes of VTech Electronics, Lear Industrial Design and AMR Global Sourcingas an industrial designer and creative designer.   Kenny is responsible for all things creative such as maintaining Tractivepower corporation’s website, promotional material, trade show booth graphics design, and other print graphics material. Key holds a diploma in mechanical systems design from British Columbia Institute of Technology.