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Tractive Power’s TP56 Industrial Locomotive Overview

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"It is Simple ... and it Works"

Tractive Power Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of industrial switching rail products and technology.
Tractive Power’s initial product is the ‘TP56’, an industrial locomotive for switching and moving rail cars within industrial facilities. It addresses the needs of the industrial user in many ways and boasts these advantages over RailCar Movers:

• Better, more robust performance;
• Lower maintenance costs and shorter waiting time for replacement parts;
• More tractive effort with less horsepower; and
• Better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Unlike our competitors, the TP56 is a switcher locomotive built with existing rail components – rather than agricultural or highway truck technologies. Tractive Power will work with you during the design phase of your TP56 o offer a custom tailored solution for your switching needs.
With three axles, and the use of “Steel on Steel”, the TP 56 offers greater adhesion than typical Rail Car Movers. The TP56 produces 56,000 lbs. of tractive effort with lower horsepower than a Railcar Mover. With customization, the tractive effort can be increased to 70,000 lbs. The TP56 uses existing and proven technologies and components, making it highly serviceable by any skilled locomotive mechanic.

Another important feature of the TP56 is that it is “jackable” allowing the unit to be serviced in the field or at the local shop. Other features include:


  • The TP56 uses readily available components that do not have a long lead time for ordering, as can be the case for Railcar Movers.
  • The TP56 meets Tier 3 Industrial Standards (Tier 4 is also available). It requires 0.5 gal/hr when idling, much less than the 2-4 gal/hr consumed by larger switcher locomotives when idling.
  • The TP56 meets Tier 3 Industrial Standards (Tier 4 also available) and it requires minimum idling of 0.5 gal/hr as opposed to 2 – 4 gal/hr for switcher locomotives.
  • The TP56 has a robust electric (not mechanical) power train, thereby minimizing shuddering.
  • The TP56 has a full-sized operator’s cab which is customizable with several choices of controls and environment – all designed to simplify operation.


Features & Benefits

The model TP56 is a 3 axle 80 ton 375 BHP Turbocharged Industrial Locomotive which numerous benefits over its competitors. Some of the Key Features include:

• Produces 56,000 lbs. of Tractive Effort and with customization this can be increased to 70,000 lbs.
• Unit is designed using proven technology, so that it is easily serviceable by any skilled person with a general   mechanic knowledge.
• The unit is “jackable” to allow for service on the trucks in the yard or shop.
• Designed using standard off the shelf parts that are readily available and do not require long lead time for ordering.
• Lower overall maintenance then standard rail car movers.
• Unit can be transported by Truck if required.
• For industrial use Blue Card inspections are not required.
• Requires minimal idling thus reducing overall fuel consumption.
• Designed with a full size cab and standard controls.
• Large capacity fuel tank requiring less frequency for refilling.
• Automated Sanding feature when additional tractive effort required in inclement weather.

The TP56 is competitively priced and Tractive Power Corporation can offer a long term leasing and service plan for qualified customers.


Our Markets

With over 300 new movers coming into the North American annually, there is a good market for industrial locomotives.  We feel our products will fill a niche, offering low maintenance, low life cycle cost, robustness, and will distinguish itself from its competitors.

Fig 1: Chart of target market –  Capacity comparison of comparable products in the market

Our first industrial locomotive is the 3 axle industrial locomotive we all affectionately like to call the “green creeper.” By using existing and proven technologies, our locomotives are designed to meet the needs of customers who depend on low maintenance, low cost and reliable service.  We strongly feel we have met the objective by offering the 3 axle industrial locomotive.   The industrial locomotive can be quickly,  & easily transported by conventional trucks  (tBt) over the road to the customer.  The industrial locomotives can also be quickly field serviced and maintained.

Our present product line focuses on industrial applications for the rail industry. Our TP56 3 axle industrial switcher, also known as a rail car mover or industrial locomotive (rail bound) is fabricated from standard locomotive components such as the trucks, the engines, and frame. We believe that by using serviceable surplus parts from locomotives that would otherwise be discarded; this provides the most cost effective and environmentally sound solution for both our planet and economic sense for the industry. We offer a competitive leasing option that is very affordable and cost effective for both small and large users.

Our product(s) have granted patents and patents pending.1

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Estimated Cost $250K – 400K $250K – $400K $250K – $400K
Horsepower / Tractive Effort 130 HP – 260 HP / 27,014 – 49,508 lbs. 190 HP – 300 HP /28,500 – 49,250 lbs. 185 HP – 300 HP / 27,000 – 60,000 lbs.
Technology Weight transfer Weight transfer Rubber on steel
Advantages Not rail bound Not rail bound Not rail bound
Disadvantages Frequent Maintenance that requires callout of factory personnel, Small Fuel Tank, All mechanical power train “shudders”,  An agricultural / construction solution that requires proprietary parts. Frequent Maintenance that requires callout of factory personnel, Small Fuel Tank, All mechanical power train “shudders”,  An agricultural / construction solution that requires proprietary parts. Frequent Maintenance that requires callout of factory personnel, Small Fuel Tank, All mechanical power train “shudders”,  An agricultural / construction solution that requires proprietary parts.

1 NOTE: Prices,specifications, features, illustrations and equipment mentioned on this website is based on latest and current information at the time of writing. Although descriptions are believe to be correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Tractive Power Corporation reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice or obligation in descriptions, specification, models, and price. Tractive Power’s product(s) is covered by granted patent US 8,561,545 and further patents pending in the USA and Canada.