Photo & Video Gallery

Welcome to Our Photo \ Video Library

The following image albums and youtube videos (at bottom of page) show our TP56 at various stages of its development which actually started on paper in 2009. The actual construction of the physical TP56 demonstrator started in the summer of 2011 and the latest galleries have the 2nd and 3rd TP56/TP70’s completed in late 2015.Additional galleries show our latest endeavours with the new TP90 for AIM and a new TP56 for Westrock in 2020.Youtube videos located at the bottom of the page.
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TP56 Videos

Test run of our TP56 with its new painted scheme – Feb, 2014 video

TP56 in Operation – May, 2014 video

TP56 in use at in the Fraser Valley area of BC – July, 2014 video


Our latest TP56 ( painted green) in use at in the Curry Rail in Pennsylvania – January, 2016 videos below.


New! See our 2018 Tractive Power Corp video ( 5:14 minutes):

 Click Here to view in VIMEO video  in separate window.