We've got the most innovative solutions for the rail industry today with representation in over 39 US states and Canada.


Tractive Power Corporation is pleased to be represented in the US by MH Equipment, Mobile Services and Equipment, RJ Material Handling, Pacific West Systems, and K&L Equipment & Mechanical. We are proud to be the only spotter locomotive company to have direct representation currently in 39 US states and Canada. Come back here as we continue to expand our dealer representation across the entire US market.



MH Equipment : and
Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, Tennessee, and West Virginia. (9 States)

RJ Material Handling :
North and South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. (5 States)

Mobile Services and Equipment :

2850 Berlin Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Office: 225 927 6777
Fax: 225 927 6937
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma. (8 States)

Pacific West Systems : –
California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. (4 States)


K and L Equipment and Mechanical :–
1809 State Route 54
Mt. Pulaski, IL, 62548
Office: 217 792 3899
Fax: 217 792 3419

Representation: Michigan (1 State)

Mobile Services and Equipment, Inc. :–
2850 Berline Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA, 70814
Office: 225 927 6777
Fax: 225 927 6737

We cover the southeast region of the USA from Oklahoma/Texas to Florida/Georgia including Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama


Falcon Equipment :–
18412 – 96 Ave., Surrey, BC
V4N 3P8, Canada
Head Office: 604 888 5066

Falcon Equipment offers sales, services, parts and rentals in many parts of Canada as well as the USA.

For all other inquiries for other regions/states not listed and provinces in Canada, please contact Tractive Power Corp.