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Assembly & Fabrication

We have close industry partnerships with some of the most experienced rail industry fabrication and assembly operators in North America. Learn more about how our switcher locomotives come together for our clients.

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Curry Supply Co is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial vehicles, specializing in a diverse range of heavy-duty equipment. Based in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, the company is known for providing customized solutions for various industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, and oil and gas. Their product line includes water trucks, fuel trucks, mechanics trucks, and other specialized vehicles designed to meet the unique needs of their clients. Curry Supply Co. is a trusted partner for businesses requiring reliable and robust solutions in the field of commercial and industrial vehicles.

Motive Power Resources (MPR) boasts over 15 years of expertise in locomotive rebuilding, sales, leasing, and service. Founded by Steve Bomba in 2007, MPR prioritizes professionalism, integrity, and top-notch customer service. The company, led by industry experts, has purchased and sold over 500 locomotives, offering customized solutions such as improved fuel economy and modernized computerized systems. MPR's commitment to being the best rather than the largest in locomotive distribution services is evident through satisfied customers and a dedication to trust, integrity, and ongoing support.

Ronsco, Canada's comprehensive railway provider, offers scalable solutions as one of North America's largest manufacturers of freight car axles and is also leading wheelshop. With a vast 46-acre repair facility, mobile services nationwide, and a catalog of over 7,000 components, tools, and supplies, Ronsco provides unmatched services to the rail freight, passenger, and transit industries. These achievements, coupled with client trust, establish Ronsco as a dominant and unrivaled service provider in Canada.

Established in 1953 in Minooka, Illinois, ELCON, Inc. initially built control cabinets for locomotives, expanding to diverse control systems for various industries. Under current ownership since 1988, it's a key manufacturer and remanufacturer of locomotive control modules, specializing in voltage regulators and cooling fan controllers. Led by owner Frank Garrone, ELCON excels in control system design and development, offering comprehensive services. The company's commitment to adapting to technology and industry needs positions it as a valuable partner in the rail sector.

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