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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do your products have any unique underlying intellectual property?

Yes, Tractive Power owns various patents related to our locomotive products including patent US 8,561,545 (granted) and further patents pending in the USA and Canada.

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How can one view one of your locomotives in action?

We have customers who are willing to have visitors come view the locomotive units in action. There is also a TP70 demonstration unit that can come to your site for a short demonstration. Please contact us to make arrangements.

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How long for delivery of your locomotives?

Delivery of our locomotives takes 10-12 months depending how much customization is requested.

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What is the cost of your TP56 or other locomotive models?

Our goal is to provide the best value for our customers and our locomotives are competitively priced. Please contact us to learn more.

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What kind of financing is available?

We can sell our TP56 outright or, we can offer a lease agreement with our financial partners to qualified customers.

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What kind of support is provided for training and maintenance?

We provide documentation and training as needed. Our locomotives use standard rail industry controls.

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