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Industrial Locomotive Technology


Our Technology

Our flagship product is the TP56, an environmentally-friendly industrial locomotive for switching and moving railcars in industrial facilities. It addresses the needs of the industrial user in many ways and offers a number of advantages over traditional railcar movers. Our locomotive technology:

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Uses Readily Available Components

Our locomotives use quality off-the-shelf engine components that are widely available, resulting in lower maintenance costs and short lead times for replacement parts. This approach also makes our units highly serviceable by any skilled mechanic. 

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Uses Intelligent Design

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Reduces Fuel Consumption

Tractive Power's locomotive units meet Tier 4 Industrial Standards and only require 0.5 gal/hr when idling, which is much lower than the 3-6 gal/hr consumed by larger switcher locomotives. This reduces overall fuel consumption.

With the use of 'steel on steel', our locomotive models offer greater adhesion and tractive effort than typical railcar movers. The units also have a robust electric powertrain, which reduces shuddering. The full-size operator's cab is highly customizable to help simplify operation.


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With over 300 new movers coming into the North American rail market annually, there is a good market for industrial locomotives.  Our products fill a niche, offering low maintenance, low life cycle cost as well as a highly robust and practical design. 

We believe that by using serviceable surplus parts from locomotives that would otherwise be discarded provides the most cost-effective and environmentally sound solution for both our planet and economic sense for the industry.

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