Frequently Asked Questions Section


Below are some commonly asked questions regarding Tractive Power and its products. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.


Approximately how long will it take to get a TP56 or other model available for delivery?

We expect to take approximately 6 months – 9 months depending on how much customization is required on a customer’s specific TP56 or other model.

What kind of support is provided in terms of training, maintenance?

We expect to provide documentation and training as needed. The TP56 uses standard rail industry controls and any qualified operator will quickly grasp operation of it. Specifically customized switchers may require additional time and training.

What is the cost of a TP56?

Our goal is to provide the best value for our customers; the TP56 is competitively priced for the rail car mover market and we will be happy to provide you with further details if you contact us directly. The amount of customization will vary the price of a TP56 unit.

What kind of financing is available?

We can sell our TP56 outright or, we can offer to have a lease agreement with our financial partners to qualified customers. Customers who lease our product are able to write the month payment off easily and is a very popular incentive.

How can one view the current TP56 locomotive?

We have a demonstrator TP56 available today ready for viewing. Simply contact us by email or phone to make arrangements and you can take a test operate it.

What other products does Tractive Power intend to offer?

We have product and technology plans that are in the conceptual stage and not ready to formally bring it out yet; be sure to check our news releases for future plans. Other industrial locomotive related products we currently are considering include:

  • a 2 axle version of the current industrial locomotive
  • more powerful 4 and 6 axle versions of the industrial locomotive
  • Repowering older industrial locomotives/locomotives
  • Newer cleaner engines such as ones running natural gas
Does your products have any underlying intellectual property?

Yes, Tractive Power owns various patents related to our locomotive products including patent US 8,561,545 (granted) and further patents pending in the USA and Canada.