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Canada is Going to Regulate Locomotive Emissions for the First Time Ever

June 24, 2016 – North Vancouver, British Columbia

For the first time ever, the Government of Canada is attempting to regulate air pollutant emissions from locomotives. The proposed regulations are being developed under the Railway Safety Act, with a focus on health and the environment. Transport Canada, the Canadian government’s transportation department, estimates the proposed rail regulations will cost C$162.3 million over 10 years and reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 9.3% and particulate matter (PM) emissions by 8%, creating an estimated savings to healthcare and the environment of more than C$245 million.

“Aligning locomotive emission standards with the U.S. will provide regulatory certainty for the rail industry and improve the efficiency of the North American transportation system,” said Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Transport. “Most important, these regulations will lead to environmental benefits that protect the health of Canadians and advance green technologies.”

The proposed changes would limit harmful air pollutant emissions, also known as “criteria air contaminants,” from locomotives operated by railway companies under federal jurisdiction through increasingly stringent emission standards and reduced idling. The emission standards set out in these proposed regulations will also align with those of the U.S., which “will improve the efficiency of the transportation system and advance green technologies.”

The Government of Canada has already taken action to reduce emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Canada has also moved forward with regulations to implement the North American Emission Control Area, which will reduce emissions of key air pollutants from ships, and the adoption of more stringent NOx emission standards for aircraft.

The proposed regulations support the Government of Canada’s efforts to transition to a greener transportation sector. Canada and the U.S. are also working together on approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from locomotives under the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council.

Transport Canada invites public comments to these proposed regulations until September 15, 2016.

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