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Our Second Locomotive Being Delivered to Client

January 5, 2016 – North Vancouver, British Columbia

Tractive Power Corporation is pleased to have completed its 2nd industrial locomotive and this one is being shipped to our client in mid-January. The client’s version of our original Tp56 is heavier coming in at 200,000 lbs. (100tons) weight with 70,000lbs. of tractive effort in all weather conditions; it is denoted as a TP70. This is the client’s locomotive shown in the photo above.

Tractive Power Corp wishes everyone a happy new year and we look forward to the new year ahead. Don’t forget, Tractive Power will be attending the GEAPs trade show in late February. Click Here to read more. Hope to see you there.

For further information please contact:

Tim Sanderson

Chief Operating Officer

Tractive Power Corporation

Tel: (604) 992-8844

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