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TP56 Review by Grain Journal

September 9, 2016 – North Vancouver, British Columbia

Tractive Power Corp. offers two switching locomotives – the TP56 and TP70 – with up to 56,000 and 70,000 lbs. of starting tractive effort, respectively. According to Tractive Power COO Tim Sanderson, “because railroads today want to hook and go, grain operators need to perform switching themselves. We are taking old locomotives that are past their prime and giving them new life by right-sizing them for the indus- trial switcher market and meeting the new U.S. EPA emissions standards.


“Our three-axle trucks are com- pletely repurposed from EMD SD40-2 locomotives for proven reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency using an overall simple design,” says Sanderson. “Our all-new cabs are designed for improved sightlines.

“Our efficient diesel engines use less than one gallon of fuel per hour of idling, compared to up to five gallons per hour for other switchers, potentially saving the operator $100,000 a year in fuel costs,” he adds.


• Engineered using standard, readily available, off-the-shelf parts.

• Tier 3 and 4 compliant engines.

• Robust electric (as opposed to me- chanical) drivetrain to reduce shuddering. • Overall weight of the TP56 is 160,000 lbs., and overall weight of the TP70 is 200,000 lbs. Standard railcar

movers weigh 63,000 lbs.

• Designed to last up to 30 years.

For more information about this review, please read the original news article from the July-August 2016 “” Grain Journal available at” – (Copyright © 2016 Country Journal Publishing Co. ).

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